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About OP[4]

Leading a Firmware Security [R]evolution.

Founded in 2022, OP[4], named for the opposing force that simulates an enemy in military training, is a pioneer in automated firmware security.

The company, headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, was built on groundbreaking cybersecurity technology created through DARPA for U.S. national security.

Its cornerstone software-as-a-service platform, Aggressor, proactively detects, isolates, verifies, classifies, prioritizes, and remediates N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities in IoT devices and embedded systems. This allows device manufacturers, integrators, and critical infrastructure operators to deliver stronger, safer products faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before.

The company currently serves the aerospace and defense, consumer and industrial Internet-of-Things, medical equipment, and telecommunications industries.

As IoT devices become increasingly prevalent, we aim to provide the commercial sector with the same level of protection and privacy as nation states.
– Irby Thompson, OP[4] CEO and co-founder

OP[4] Team

Irby Thompson


Irby, co-founder and CEO of OP[4], is a recognized leader in cybersecurity with an impressive track record in spearheading successful startups. His blend of business expertise and passion for cybersecurity catalyzes OP[4]’s mission of transforming the IoT security industry. Prior roles include executive leadership at Pikewerks and Star Lab, both of which thrived under his direction and were subsequently acquired by Raytheon and Wind River.

Scott Lee


Scott is a 25-year tech industry veteran. As the former CTO of Finite State and Division Director at Kudu Dynamics, Scott has successfully led multiple product development teams, driving innovation and results. His exceptional research contributions for the US government, including his work with DARPA, have solidified his reputation as a cybersecurity expert. His expertise in security red-teams, particularly for IoT and embedded systems, makes him an invaluable resource in navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Mike Letscher

Director of Engineering

Mike is a seasoned software engineer with experience across a variety of industries, including cybersecurity, healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce. Mike previously served as a lead engineer at digital pharmacy startup Gifthealth, where he played a key role in guiding application architecture and UX for software now serving hundreds of thousands of patients across the US. He strives to build work environments that foster empathy, collaboration, and self-improvement.

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