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Firmware Security

OP[4] Products

Amid explosive growth in the Internet of Things, OP[4] leaves nothing to chance.

Unlike any other system on the market, OP[4]’s revolutionary new firmware security suite proactively safeguards products at every stage of their life cycle.

From product concept to completion, OP[4]’s threat analysis and remediation tool, Aggressor, provides complete software supply chain visibility and quality control, automatically detecting, verifying, and remediating N-day and 0-day vulnerabilities with unprecedented precision and speed.

Once your product is in the market, OP[4]’s threat monitoring engine, Interrogator, relentlessly interrogates your firmware to detect emerging threats and make sure you’re the first to know when new vulnerabilities are discovered. 

This combination of intelligence, proactivity, and precision eliminates risk, optimizes resources, accelerates time to market, and enables resilience at scale, so you can fuel technological innovation, drive business growth, inspire product confidence, and secure customer trust.

When the industry can converge IoT and cybersecurity, the reward could be enormous.– McKinsey & Company

OP4 Aggressor
Design: Analyze software and software dependency risk before a product build.
Development: Find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities during product development.
Deployment: Get clean bill of health before product releases and firmware updates.
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OP4 Interrogator
Monitoring & Maintenance: Stay ahead of emerging threats for the life of your product.
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