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Firmware Security Platform

OP4 Aggressor

Targeting Mission-Critical Vulnerabilities.
Delivering Mission-Critical Results.

OP[4]’s groundbreaking firmware security analysis and remediation tool, Aggressor, automatically detects, validates, prioritizes, isolates, and remediates N-day and 0-day vulnerabilities in IoT devices and embedded systems.

Powered by a unique automated program analysis process, which integrates static, dynamic, and symbolic analysis methodologies, Aggressor identifies exploitable security vulnerabilities with more accuracy than existing systems.

Aggressor uniquely simulates a running device to distinguish between active and inactive code, and automatically detects and verifies binary level vulnerabilities.

It filters out noise to prioritize defects by risk level and remediate the most dangerous vulnerabilities first, providing deep and comprehensive security analysis and coverage of your entire software supply chain. 


Early Vulnerability Detection

Scrutinizes CI/CD artifacts, identifies vulnerabilities, suggests fixes, and improves code quality to accelerate product development and reduce future risk.

Comprehensive Binary Code Analysis

Automatically analyzes device firmware and performs real-time detection of vulnerabilities in compiled binary code (without any source code) to enhance product security.

Third-Party Risk Assessment & SBOM

Provides third-party risk insights of your software supply chain and generates a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) per build for more transparency and control.

Informed Vulnerability Scoring

Detects N-day and 0-day vulnerabilities, maps defects to CVEs, and verifies exploitability via emulation to provide CVSS risk scoring and prioritize high-risk vulnerability remediation.

Seamless API Integration

Integrates into existing software development workflows, correlating, tracking, and remediating issues in customer SCM to streamline vulnerability management.

Interactive Monitoring Dashboard

Helps product teams track security evolution build by build and enables quality improvement visualization over time in fast-paced development cycles.

Don’t Let the Enemy W[in]

Experience the platform that will change the way you think about firmware security forever.