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Continuous Threat Monitoring

OP4 Interrogator

Fortify Your Product.
For Life.

Security shouldn’t stop once a product is released. Interrogator, OP[4]’s powerful threat monitoring engine, provides continual, automated firmware security assessments for the life of your products.

Utilizing the same advanced detection capabilities as OP[4]’s groundbreaking firmware security analysis and remediation tool, Aggressor, Interrogator detects, verifies, and alerts you about emerging 0-day and N-day vulnerabilities within fielded devices.

Interrogator uses CVSS scoring for accurate risk assessment and maps vulnerabilities to CVE identifiers in order to provide a continuously updated understanding of the product’s security posture.

Interrogator’s visibility into third-party dependencies, and resulting Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for firmware updates, ensures complete transparency and control over the software supply chain.

Interrogator alerts developers when it identifies exploitable vulnerabilities, enabling quick remediation before hackers ever know it exists, delivering robust product strength, reliability, and resilience.

With robust insights into hundreds of thousands of devices around the world, Interrogator gives you unparalleled visibility into the developing cyberthreat landscape, so you’ll always stay one step ahead.


Proactive Firmware Monitoring

Continuously monitors all product firmware updates.

Real-time Vulnerability Alerts

Provides immediate notice when vulnerabilities are discovered.

Advanced Vulnerability Detection

Identifies both novel 0-day and known N-day defects.

Supply Chain Security

Automates SBOM-based vulnerability analysis for third-party dependencies.

Latest Threat Intelligence

Enables early understanding of and positioning for emerging cyber threats.

Don’t Let the Enemy W[in]

Experience the platform that will change the way you think about firmware security forever.