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Unleashing a Security [R]evolution
at the Intelligent Edge

OP[4] automatically detects, validates, prioritizes, isolates, and remediates N-day and 0-day vulnerabilities in IoT devices and embedded systems with greater accuracy than any other firmware analysis platform on the market.

Discover the OP[4] Difference

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Deliver stronger, safer products…faster, easier, and more efficiently.


Every single time.

24/7 Systems Analysis

Active Code Targeting

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Vulnerability Remediation

Security for Life of Product

More is a Myth.

Prioritize Mission Critical.

Most threat analysis systems promise to find more vulnerabilities. But when those vulnerabilities have nothing to do with the security of your product, you’re wasting time and money.

OP[4] differentiates between vulnerabilities that put a device at risk and those that don’t, and safeguards products even after they’re released, protecting you across your entire supply chain for the life of your product with unprecedented precision…and unparalleled results.

Reduce Risk

Maximize Resources

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Gain Peace of Mind

As Global IoT Devices Skyrocket…


Currently Connected Devices


Connecting Per Minute


Connected by 2030

…OP[4] ensures systems are safe, not sinister.

The Industries We Serve

Aerospace & Defense

When the stakes are high, OP[4] fortifies mission-critical systems.


As networks evolve into lifelines, OP[4] delivers secure, reliable, robust communications.

Consumer Electronics

In an increasingly interconnected world, OP[4] protects privacy, security, and trust.

Medical Equipment

When there’s no margin for error, OP[4] safeguards patients and data.

Industrial IoT

As increased connectivity exposes control systems, OP[4] reduces risk of down time.

Don’t Let the Enemy W[in]

Experience the platform that will change the way you think about firmware security forever.