Smart Design Principles for Secure Systems

As attack surfaces expand exponentially, OP[4] empowers device OEMs, Integrators, and Operators to fortify systems, secure operations, safeguard data privacy, maintain compliance, and build trust.

Product Security Platform

The OP[4] Product Security Platform provides a comprehensive solution for OEMs and Integrators, one that spans the entire product lifecycle. It addresses the critical aspects of product security – from the initial design through deployment, operations, maintenance, and updating of smart devices and intelligent systems. OP[4] is a trusted partner for forward-leaning OEMs who want to ensure that their products are secure, compliant, and resilient against cyber threats.

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A Practical Guide to Securing Intelligent Infrastructure

Effectively addressing infrastructure security in an increasingly connected world means conceptualizing, developing, and maintaining robust security controls at every stage in the lifecycle of a system or device. In this white paper, we provide a practical and straightforward guide to securing intelligent infrastructure within the context of an evolving cybersecurity landscape, so you can build stronger, safer products. Every single time.

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