Automated Product Risk Assessments

Red team assessments simulate real-world attacks to test the resilience of products against security breaches. OP[4] takes a uniquely proactive approach to product security assessments through our automated penetration testing platform.

The Best Defense is a
Good Offense

The need to test your product security with the strongest opposition forces has never been more critical. OP[4]’s Red Team Service combines decades of ethical hacking experience with the most advanced threat analysis technology to triage mission-critical vulnerabilities automatically. 

At the heart of the Red Team Service is the OP[4] Aggressor Automation Engine, developed for DARPA and used by the United States Department of Defense. Aggressor works around the clock to identify & triage vulnerabilities in your products so that you can fix them before the adversary even knows they exist. This engine automatically analyzes binary code with unparalleled precision, pinpointing vulnerabilities throughout every phase in the device lifecycle, and significantly strengthening your long-term product security posture.

Securing Your Products from Concept to Customer

OP[4]’s Red Team Services don’t stop at product launch. Instead the Aggressor Automation Engine continues to provide proactive security monitoring and alerting against the latest emerging threats – even after your device goes to market. Sustain your security posture and trusted brand promise…for life.

“Don’t ship your products without passing them through the OP4 security gauntlet” 

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Reduce Risk 

Leverage our offensive security experts to independently validate your product security

Ensure Product Quality 

Identify software bugs and design weaknesses before they make it to market

Maintain Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations via detailed analysis reports

Continuously Evaluate

Benefit from cutting-edge security automation to remain ahead of emerging threats

Maximize Resource Efficiency 

Maximize your security investments and reduce the need to hire additional internal security resources

Start using the Product Security Platform of the future.