Industry Coverage

As attack surfaces expand exponentially, OP[4] empowers device OEMs, Integrators, and Operators to fortify systems, secure operations, safeguard privacy and data, maintain compliance, and build trust.

Industrial IoT

Obsolete software, insufficient risk profiling, network misconfigurations, and weak data encryption conspire to make industrial IoT highly vulnerable to cyberthreats. OP[4] activates a security shield for device OEMs, system integrators, and operators that strengthens industrial control systems, neutralizes risks, and enhances long-term cyber resilience.


An era of digital transformation for mission-critical systems has increased the reality of cyber threats compromising safety, operations, and national security. By detecting and eliminating security risks before hackers find them, OP[4] delivers a robust, holistic, and continuous approach to threat management that increases system integrity, reliability, and confidence.


Consumer confidence in the telecommunications industry has hit a five-year low due in part to customer concerns about privacy and security.* OP[4]’s proactive approach to cybersecurity automatically finds and fixes vulnerabilities in network equipment ten to 100 times faster than manual analysis, and delivers the level of protection and reassurance that builds customer loyalty and fuels business growth.

*According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

Medical Equipment

The FDA now mandates that medical device manufacturers continuously monitor and address cybersecurity risks to ensure the safety of products and equipment. OP[4] empowers the medical device industry with an effective path to achieve and maintain FDA approvals and protect patients better than ever before through automated and ongoing cybersecurity analysis and defect remediation.

Consumer Electronics

The White House’s cybersecurity labeling initiative for internet-connected consumer products imposes a rigorous security risk ratings system on devices and gadgets. Manufacturers and OEMs can fortify IoT product lines with OP[4]’s automated binary analysis, vulnerability remediation, and proactive threat monitoring, while ensuring regulatory compliance, safeguarding consumers, and strengthening customer trust.

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